Choose WordPress plugins wisely for your website.

Things need to consider while choosing wordpress plugins in your website

If you are planning to add new feature and functionality in your wordpress website, then you are in the right place. 

First you need to know – What is plugin actually??

WordPress Plugins are the apps that multiply the functionality and add more new feature in your wordpress website.

If you are trying to do something in your wordpress website , don’t worry – you can do it.

If you have a wordpress website that has no feature that you need , then you need to search for that plugin , you will get it . own several plugins. They all are free. 

For premium plugins, look up Codecanyon. They offer some of the best premium plugins on the web and code standard is similar to the

With so many items, it will be very difficult for you to choose the exact plugins you really need. Often, there are so many plugins that could fit your requirement.

When you are faced with this situation, it might be hard to pick one. A lousy plugin can damage your website in a variety of ways.

So, selecting the best plugin is important.

How do you choose?? Review following things to keep in mind when choosing wordpress plugins;

Understand your needs

Before selecting the plugin, it’s absolutely important to determine which features are essential and which you can live without.

First, list out the requirements that you want to add in your website. Include the entire task that you want the plugin to do.

WordPress Security

Many wordpress websites are hacked due to security issues in the plugins. So, it’s important to guard your wordpress websites.

To guard against security issues, confirm the date when wordpress plugins was updated.

We should select the wordpress plugins that is frequently updated and which are operated in recent wordpress version.

To make sure security is addressed, examine the plugins changelog for details on the changes made to each new version.

Changelog tells you what new features are added with new update. Lot of progress in changelog means the company is more liable to the client and they are trying to make plugins better day by day.

Support System and Documentation

WordPress plugin developing company provides quick answer to the question or issues of the client’s problems.

If client faced any problems due to the plugin, they get immediate help.

Premium plugins provide full time support and for free plugins, they provide support in a support forum in wordpress plugin directory.

You should know – how they are supporting their clients . 

If you are looking a wordpress plugin in codecanyon , check their discussion section i.e. Comment section from where you will understand – how developers are providing their support and in which level , clients look happy with them.

If you notice regular activity in the support forum of the plugin directory of, it’s a good sign representing the developer who is active in resolving the problems.

Also, we should consider – what type of documentation they have provided.


If developer has a good reputation, the probability of their plugins quality is good. We can get idea about the reputation of developers by looking the reviews and rating of their plugins.

By looking them, you will understand how important is it to buy a plugins from a good author as you have to consider for the quality product.


WordPress plugins are the apps in the wordpress websites that makes wordpress such a great CMS. Though, you should not believe on every plugins on the net, Installing a lously built plugins may leads to problems in speed , security and usability.

So, choosing wordpress plugins needs a bit research and consideration. Depending on the scope of your wordpress site , plugin decision is important.

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